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    Firstly as ive said, to begin with everything was a maze, i was hearing but not listening, i was seeing but not seeing, I couldnt piece to-gether what had happened or what was said, all through last year, everything was mixed in a jumble.

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    As I travel back to last year, just after it happened, the first thing, I experienced, was I was sat here at my pc, it was in the corner then, my portable tv, just above it on a wall stand, where my pc is, is an area, at end of my kitchen, I did all my work here, had all my files and books on shelves, this peticular night, wasnt late about 10pm, I just happened to look to my left towards the kitchen, something caught my eye, in the left corner of the kitchen ceiling, i saw a flourescent light green glowing, the only way i can discribe it is, it started to propel, till it reached both sides of kitchen ceiling where the wall joins the ceiling, it came along the ceiling at these edges towards me, as it went over my head i looked at pc, and up to tv it went round the back of the tv and pc, and disappeared.

    I wasnt convinced, but theres more that really convinced me, that it was Robert letting me know he was here, besides he used to tell me off for spending too much time on the pc, was he telling me off that night???? Julie had seen the same green glow around Liams cot, Colours ive heard mean something in the spirit world, and in due time I will find out. Before this happened my car keys disappeared, I left them on my kitchen surface and ive never seen them since, i had about 6 keys on the key ring. Also Liam used to look up my open staircase, and say dada, he still dose, he would at times just stare at the ceiling or through the kitchen door.

    One night, I was asleep in my bed, and felt a light pressing on my face, it woke me, so i was aware, 5 minutes later Liam woke up, Ive also felt my hair been pulled gently, and seen light shadows move around, found jewelry on the floor, a book pulled out from all the others on the shelf, Myself and others have seen, a dark shape, not solid, look round a door, pass a window, as if checking on us, one night I was on the phone to my friend and as usual the phone cut off, I would rering her back several times and same thing happened, all night, on one occaston I was talking to her on the phone and i caught a glimpse of what i perceived someone quickly passing my patio door, I told her, and then it happened again, after the second time I saw a green glowing along my outside fence, as i was explaining to her, her double glazed patio door flung open, it has a lever handle, and has to be lifted to open.

    Then theres the nursery music in the kitchen late at night, very soft gentle music, as if playing from a distance. One day in the house alone with Liam, we were playing with his toys, when I heard someone shout mam, sounded way off in the distance, both Liam and I looked at stairs, so i knew he had heard it too, I got up to answer thinking it was Graham, when I realised Graham was at work.

    I,ll be back later to tell you about 2 people who told me things from other parts of the country, who knew nothing about, the back ground in my case. In the mean time, My sister phoned me she had bought a book by John Edwards a famous american spiritulist, called one last time, she recommened i get it, so i did, and what ive read so far relates to my experiences, he says spirits can visit us anytime, from the spirit world, even when they move to a higher plain, he also says they visit you in dreams, often, if you can remember the dream vividly and the memory of it dosent fade you have had a visit.

    The 2 people i wanted to talk about, 1 is John Bland a spiritulist who i emailed on line, he comes to tees-side often, he was going to come and see me but he was busy so he asked me to send some pics of Rob so i did, he sent an email asking me 3 questions, 1 He asked if there was a shuffle before Rob was killed, A well yes there was, with the 2 who started it.

    He said he saw rain, he wasnt very good at interpretating, i had to make the connections in my mind, and there were some. Recently I got a infection in my leg, I had banged it some weeks ago thinking nothing of it, then it started to go red travelling up my leg, I couldnt walk on it so had to see emergency doctor, i was perscribed mg of antibiotics a day, and was taking them for 5 weeks, its still not cleared up but is on the mend, the doctor said I had got an infection under the skin that had got through a pore where i banged it,.

    Colours ive heard mean something in the spirit world, and in due time I will find out. James and the Giant Peach Plays for Children. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Plays for Children.

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    The Witches Plays for Children. My Ballerina Sister. Good Luck, Louisa!